Moon Memories

Moon Memories | Early Rocket Ventures

Ike Rigell shares about his early days working on the Redstone rocket.

Moon Memories | A Tragic Reminder

Retired NASA engineer, John Tribe, shares about the difficulty of returning to work.

Moon Memories | DS Award

Retired NASA executive, Charlie Mars, tells his story.

Moon Memories | We Would've Paid

Retired NASA employees and contractors share how they didn’t work a day in their lives.

Moon Memories | Ideal Launch Location

Historians and retired NASA workers explain why the Spacecoast is an ideal choice.

Moon Memories | Being a Woman at NASA

Elizabeth Muchow shares how she didn’t have time to think of her gender while working.

Moon Memories | Photo from Gus

Retired NASA engineer, John Tribe, tells a story about a memento.

Moon Memories | Astronaut Autographs

Harris Rosen shares his story about his present from the men who walk on the moon.

Moon Memories | Hard Times at Home

Outside of working for a moon landing, there were more challenges for NASA employees.

Moon Memories | NASA Management

Retired Launch Director, Bob Sieck, discusses what it was like managing the various teams.

Moon Memories | Partying with Astronauts

A hotelier and retired space employees share about what it was like with astronauts.

Moon Memories | Looking at the Moon

Retired NASA workers share what their first thought is when they look up at the moon.

Moon Memories | Watching Launches

Locals share their memories of the incredible experience watching launches.

Moon Memories | Late for Launch

Retired NASA engineer, John Tribe, tells a story of being late for work.

Moon Memories | Signature on the Moon

Elizabeth Muchow tells the story of what she was able to leave on the moon.