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WUCF, Central Florida's PBS station, is here to help families with tips and resources to allow you to raise kind, curious, and resilient children. Resources include hands-on-activities, apps, and videos, that families can use with their children to support development and exploration in their everyday lives.

Happy Thanksgiving from WUCF

Thanksgiving can be a special day for young children and families. Special traditions, family gatherings, and big meals are staples of the holiday. Children love the food, festivities, and time at home with loved ones. Many families also have traditions of volunteering and giving back to the community. This year, consider practicing gratitude as a more regular routine — you can ask “Who are you grateful for?” every night before bed or at the dinner table. Encouraging thankfulness builds empathy and encourages kids to think about all the people who help them every day. Find more resources here.


An Arthur Thanksgiving! | A Brand New Special on November 16

What is Arthur thankful for? Find out in the new special "An Arthur Thanksgiving" premiering Monday, November 16th on PBS KIDS!


WILD KRATTS | Activate Turkey Power!

Chris and Martin and the gang check out a wild turkey close up!


"Taking Care of You Makes Me Happy Too" Song

It makes Daniel feel so good when he can help take care of his little sister - when she's eating, playing, or going to bed.


Cyberchase | 🍗🥗🥧Giving Thanks Day Feast!

There's so much extra food at cornucopia that the Cyber Gang decides to invite everyone to a Giving Thanks Day feast!

Family Tips

How to cope with after-school meltdowns

The good news in all of this is that we make simple changes to help kids cope with the overwhelming emotions that often settle in once the day is done (read more).

Bright By Text - Parent Tips to your Phone

Text PBSKIDS to 274448
Wishing parenting came with a manual? Bright by Text is a free tool for parents and caregivers of children under 8 to make your jobs just a little easier. Sign up to receive free tips sent straight to your phone! Sign Up Now

Building a Craft Kit for Hands-On Fun

Building your own craft kit is an inexpensive way to have materials handy for some everyday learning fun. (read more)

Smart Screen Time Tips

Download this Smart Screen Time Tips chart for use with your family and children.

Making Screen Time Educational