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The Groveland Four


On the morning of July 16, 1949, a young Lake County farm wife accused four young black men of rape. The case of “The Groveland Four” played out over several years, and led to a race riot, torture, multiple murders, two trials, a Supreme Court reversal and the assassination of a Florida civil rights leader.

Though widely reported at the time by the national and international press, the case has been largely forgotten... even though it helped lay a foundation for the end of Jim Crow segregation and the start of the Civil Rights Movement.

Orlando Urban Film Festival - Grand Jury Prize


The Groveland Four

In 1949, four young black men are wrongly accused of rape; a major civil rights case ensues. Explore the story in this film.


Harry Moore

African-American activist Harry T. Moore is forever linked to the 1949 Groveland Four case

Norman Bunin

A young St. Petersburg Times copy editor investigated the 1949 Groveland Four case.

Willis McCall

Lake County Sheriff Willis McCall played a prominent role in the 1949 Groveland Four case.

Meet the Team Behind THE GROVELAND FOUR:

Keith Salkowski

Keith is the writer/director/producer of The Groveland Four

Courtney B. Vance

Vance is the narrator of the film, The Groveland Four.

Other Experts:

Gary Corsair

Author of Legal Lynching: The Sad Saga of the Groveland Four.

Laurel Ladevich

Learn more about The Groveland Four's editor, Laurel Ladevich.

Kathryn Bostic

Kathryn Bostic is the music composer of The Groveland Four.

Mark Hubatsek

Mark is The Groveland Four's director of photography.

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