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Gary Corsair
Gary Corsair

Gary Corsair spent 11 years researching and writing Legal Lynching: The Sad Saga of the Groveland, the definitive account of the infamous Groveland rape case.

He is the foremost expert on the Groveland rape case. He's been asked to speak about the case more than 50 times by educators, book clubs, civic groups, high schools and colleges, and historical societies. Dozens of newspaper and magazine articles have been written about the truths he uncovered, and how he powerfully rewrote history.

Mr. Corsair is the only writer to interview Charles Greenlee, the last surviving defendant from the Groveland rape case. Corsair also obtained the long-forgotten files of attorney Paul Perkins, who assisted Thurgood Marshall in defending the Groveland Four.

Mr. Corsair was a junior at Eastern High School in Greentown, Indiana when he began his journalism career in 1976 as a sportswriter at the Howard County News. In 1977, he joined the Sports Dept. of the Kokomo (Indiana) Tribune. He worked at both newspapers for four years.

Mr. Corsair excelled in a variety of roles: sports editor, sportswriter, photographer, news editor, magazine editor, and publisher (of Corsair¹s Sports Authority and later, the Tri-County Sun). Mr. Corsair has received 57 state and regional awards for journalistic excellence. In 2009, he won a 1st and two 2nd place awards in the annual Florida Press Club Excellence in Journalism contest. In 2008, he won 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awards from the Florida Press Club.

His first-place awards include: An expose of secret chemical weapons tests conducted in Florida during World War II; the story of James "Killer" Miller, a Wildwood High School football star who traded dreams of fame for drugs; the true story of the USS Eagle PE-56, a World War II U.S. patrol boat sank by a German U-boat, not a boiler explosion as believed for 50 years; and the saga of Reggie Colton, who became a world-renonwed wheelchair basketball star after having his legs severed in an accident at age 12.

Mr. Corsair also earned two first-place Associated Press awards for broadcast excellence during a brief television career.

Mr. Corsair was born in Irvington, New Jersey on July 29, 1959. He lives in Robbinsville, North Carolina with his wife of 38 years, Gwen. They are parents of four grown children.

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