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You Belong. We Promise.

Building a culture of belonging as Central Florida’s Storytellers.

Diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging are driving forces behind our mission to be Central Florida’s Storyteller. We strive to be a leader and innovator in telling stories that drive positive change within our community and the world. Our viewers & listeners speak numerous languages, go by different pronouns, and have unique identities. That's why we view diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging as mission-critical. Together, we have the power to foster a united and inclusive Central Florida community.

Let’s Go Deeper

We believe diversity is a multi-dimensional concept that includes race, gender, sexual orientation, age, all abilities, religion, and life experience. To help our Central Florida community thrive, we will build a team that reflects their unique experiences and diverse backgrounds. 

Whether you're an employee, viewer, listener, or part of our broader Central Florida community, we commit to creating a climate that includes and respects every experience— within our organization, on-air, and in our community. We promise to champion diversity, build a culture of belonging, and do our part to create a more equitable world.

We make this commitment to ourselves, our audience, and the national public media industry. We can't promise we'll always get it right, but we'll always put our people and community first.

Here are a few of our commitments to the WUCF community:

We will build an inclusive place to work.

You can't do your best work when you can't be your best self. That's why our goal is to create an inclusive culture where employees of all abilities and backgrounds feel they belong. 

  • We will review all policies and practices to identify and remove systemic barriers for applicants, employees, and vendors.
  • We will launch a talent recruitment campaign that focuses on attaining diverse talent in every department through all platforms – events, on-air, and digitally.
  • We will develop strong relationships with diverse organizations to recruit talent, advertise new career opportunities in all markets, and extend the job posting window.
  • We will provide regular, mandatory diversity, equity, and inclusion training to all staff and artists.
  • We will regularly invite input from under-represented communities to continue our education.
  • We will publish diversity data annually to be transparent and to track our progress.


We will actively promote equity, inclusion, and belonging.

Thanks to our thousands of viewers, listeners, employees, and partners, WUCF has a far-reaching platform.  We’re responsible for using that platform to challenge the status quo, ignite support for underrepresented groups, and advocate for equal access to opportunities. 

  • We will present inclusive and accessible community events that welcome and respect diverse voices and all abilities.
  • We will partner with diverse organizations to support and promote diversity and inclusion amongst our community.
  • We will analyze WUCF audiences to identify which groups are under-represented and develop targeted engagement campaigns to invite them to watch, participate, and utilize our resources.


We will amplify underrepresented communities.

We learn so much from multiple points of view – BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, women, seniors, youth, and more. We promise to amplify underrepresented communities and the impactful work they're doing through viewer testimonials, community events, new local programming, and digital content. 

  • We will create a race and equity baseline for programming and local content that is monitored annually.
  • We will diversify our programming portfolio and production models to elevate new ideas and storytellers.
  • We will support national programs by producing local stories — connecting national issues to local audiences.
  • We will launch funded local content partnerships with diverse community collaborators.

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