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Phone: 407-823-0899
12461 Research Parkway, Suite 550
Orlando, FL 32826

If you are a musician or a music promoter, please send all submissions to:

Attn: Music Director
12461 Research Parkway
Suite 550
Orlando, FL 32826

WUCF Staff Directory

To email a member of the WUCF staff, please use firstname.lastname@wucf.org.

Executive Director, Dr. Phil Hoffman, 407-823-1393
Assistant to the Executive Director, Jonathon Adler, 407-823-1393
Sr. Director of Content & Engagement, Jennifer Cook, 407-823-2947
Director of Development, Rachelle Anderson, 407-823-6028
Director of Operations, Bill Dotson, 407-823-3280
Director of Finance & Administration, Rita Echeverria, 407-823-1698
Director of Production, Duilio Mariola, 407-823-4322
Director of Radio, Kayonne Riley, 407-823-5162

Content & Communications
Communications Manager, Andrea Dennis, 407-823-5796
Education & Community Engagement
Education & Community Engagement Manager, Shiyana Valentine, 407-823-5554
Education & Community Engagement Coordinator, Janice Sante, 407-823-0533
Engagement Assistant, Sydney Beckett, 407-823-4187
Graphic Artist, Patrick Carter, 407-823-3251

Associate Director Donor Services, Paige Spears, 407-823-4089
Member Services Representative, Samantha Hanna, 407-823-1499
Data & Client Coordinator, Corben Hogan, 407-823-2453

Associate Director of Philanthropy, Melissa Braillard, 407-823-1777

Corporate Support
Account Representative, Jan Whitehouse, 407-823-2666

Finance & Administration

Accounting Coordinator, Nancy Meza, 407-823-2015
Senior Accountant, Tom Porter, 407-823-1725
Fiscal Assistant, Allison Holuban, 407-823-3854

Engineering & IT

Chief Broadcast Engineer, Michael Herring, 407-823-3371
IT Systems Engineer, Mark Lundstrom, 407-823-1849
Broadcast Technician, Jordan Kirkman, 407-823-5767


Production Manager, Kyle Fuchs, 407-823-5013
Digital/Promotions Producer, Kristin Benjamin, 407-823-3286
Producer, Tricia Connelly, 407-823-4178
Producer, Buddy Pittman
Editor, Brian Kelly, 407-823-0533
Production Coordinator, Megan Matier, 407-823-1713
Producer / Videographer / Editor, Stephen Mort, 407-823-3336
Promotions Assistant, Melisa Gocay, 407-823-4187

WUCF 89.9 FM
Program Manager, Brad Waldo, 407-823-4520
Weekday Morning Jazz Host, Marc Taylor
Weekday Afternoon Jazz Host, Robyn Austin
Weekend Morning Jazz Host, Alan Rock
Jazz on the Beach Host, Jack Simpson
Sunday Evening Jazz Host, D. Kenneth Jenkins
Latin Jazz Host, Alex Diaz
Saturday Jazz Host, Bob Kelley
Production Assistant, Jesse Morgado

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