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What is underwriting?

Underwriting by corporations helps defray the high costs of developing and transmitting quality programs. Recognition for this corporate support is heard in the form of underwriting messages.

Why underwrite?

Image… Prestige… Recognition… Credibility… Appreciation… Singularity

Every week over 50,000 people in the Central Florida area listen to WUCF 89.9. Your message is heard by listeners in an uncluttered, credible environment.

Which programs can I underwrite, and when can I underwrite?

Depending on availability, you can underwrite the following programs:


  • NPR Newsbreaks — 6am to 9pm
  • Locally Hosted Jazz — 6am to 6pm


  • Jazz on the Beach — Saturdays 10am to 2pm
  • NPR Talk & Cultural Programs — Mon-Fri 7 to 8pm, Sundays 7am to noon and 5 to 9pm
  • Reggae — Sundays 10 – 11pm

How much does it cost?

Each underwriting package is individually tailored for each client. Let us help you assess the best way for you to bring your message to the Central Florida listening audience.

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