Station Management:


Kayonne Riley, Director/General Manager

(407) 823-5162


WUCF-FM Studio Address:

12405 Aquarius Agora Drive

Communication Bldg. 75, Suite 130

Orlando, FL 32816-8040


Board of Directors/Trustees:


Information regarding the UCF Board of Trustees can be found here.


CAB Members:

WUCF-FM is not required to have a CAB based on its status as a university-owned public broadcaster.


Open Meetings:

WUCF-FM is owned by the University of Central Florida and operated under the administration of the University Of Central Florida Board Of Trustees.  WUCF-FM follows the open meeting policy of the UCF Board of Trustees, which is available here.


The UCF Board of Trustees meeting schedule is can be found here.


WUCF-FM Audited Financial Statement:


The WUCF-FM annual audited financial statements are available as shown below:

Annual Financial Report to CPB - FY-2016
WUCF-FM Financial Audit - FY2016
WUCF-FM Financial Audit - FY2015


For copies of the stationís annual financial report, please contact Kayonne Riley at or call (407) 823-5162.


IRS Form 990:


As a part of the College of Arts and Humanities and a department of the University of Central Florida, WUCF-FM does not file a separate IRS Form 990.

Compensation Information:


Compensation paid to officers, directors, and trustees:




Compensation paid to key employees of over $150,000/year:




Compensation paid to the five highest paid employees (over $100,000):




Compensation paid to former employees (over $100,000):




Former directors or trustees that received, in the capacity as a former director or trustee of the organization, more than $100,000:




Five highest compensated independent contractors that received more than $100,000 of compensation from the organization:



Local Content and Services Report


The WUCF-FMís Local Content and Services Report can be found here.


Diversity Statement:


A policy statement regarding WUCF-FMís compliance with the University of Central Floridaís diversity policy; it can be found here.